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Professional Golf Training


Training requirements :

Hold one of the following first aid training certificates :

  • “Level 1 Civic prevention and rescue” (PSC1) or “first aid training certificate” (AFPS)) ;
  • “first aid in Level 1 teams” (PSE) valid ;
  • “first aid in Level 2 teams” (PSE) valid ;
  • “emergency response and care training certificate” (AFGSU) Level 1 or Level 2 valid ;
  • “work first aid rescuer’s certificate” (SST) is valid.
  • Present a medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of golf from less than one year to the date of entry into training.
  • Be able to prove the following technical level, using a certificate issued by the National Technical Director of the golf :
  • For men, hold a game index equal to or less than 7.4, have made at least two cards with a score less than or equal to the standard Scratch Score plus 7 in Grand Prix or national federal competitions. Only one card per test may be retained ;
  • For women, hold a game index equal to or less than 9.4, have made at least two cards with a score less than or equal to the standard Scratch Score plus 9 in Grand Prix or national federal competitions. Only one card per test may be retained.

National Grand Prix calendar

The proof of the technical level required at the beginning of training should be dispensed with if a high-level sportsman in the discipline of golf registered or having been registered on the ministerial list referred to in article l 221-2 of the code du sport.

The level of play is checked at the time of registration and is certified by the National golf technical director. In the absence of this certificate, the application is not appropriate and participation in the selection tests is not possible.

Training at the FF golf Training center at the National Golf Course

Selection tests on entry into training :

For the 2019/2020 promotion :

Dates of selection tests: 17 to 19 June 2019

Registration closes on 31 May 2019

The selection tests include the control by the National Technical Directorate of the French Golf Federation of the possession by the candidate of the pre-requisites as well as three tests that are composed :

  • A motivational interview with the jury: maximum duration 30 minutes, starting from a curriculum vitae (CV), submitted to the jury at the time of this interview, indicating the sports and professional experience, if any, of running the candidate. This test is designed to assess the relevance of the candidate’s professional project as well as his / her motivation for the profession of a golf instructor. The CV is presented in the form of a typewritten document consisting of 3 parts. :
    • civil status, studies, diplomas obtained, if applicable, professional status,
    • activity report of the candidate describing his / her experience as an athlete (level, charts, internships) or, if applicable, as a facilitator,
    • statement of reasons: presentation of the professional project.
  • A written examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes. The candidate must comment, discuss, or argue the content of a text, article, or photograph related to sport in general or golf. This test is designed to assess, on the one hand, the candidate’s ability to understand and discuss the information contained in the materials and, on the other hand, the quality of his or her written expression.
  • A technical test: duration 2 hours, 30 maximum. The candidate is assessed based on the score he or she achieves at the end of a 9-hole stroke play on one of the National Golf Courses, and the technical evaluation carried out by the jury during the test.

Applicants who have passed the selection tests of the ffgolf National Training Centre are only admitted to training once they have signed an employment contract or a traineeship agreement with a golf course, providing for the implementation of alternate training and its financing.

The 2019/2020 promotion :

  • Training starts on September 9, 2019, and ends on September 4, 2020
  • Training is organized alternately. During the first six months, the average rate is two weeks in a training center per month and two weeks in the trainee’s reception structure.
  • The latter benefits from an individualized course defined after an individual positioning at the beginning of training, according to his needs and taking into account his skills.
  • In the host company, the trainee is followed by a tutor with whom the pedagogical manager of our center maintains a regular relationship to better accompany him on his journey.
  • The diploma is obtained by the capitalization of four credit units (UCS) constituting the diploma over up to 5 years.
  • An equivalent certificate (made up of 2 U.A.) is attached to the BP JEPS and aims at skills in selling and marketing educational products.

Contents of the training :

  • Evolution of technology and history of golf,
  • Enhancement of the level of play,
  • The teaching of golf,
  • Communication (written and oral),
  • Knowledge and guidance of different target groups,
  • Golf and health, hand golf,
  • Organization of golf in France (clubs, departmental committees, leagues, ffgolf, ministry of sports),
  • Knowledge specific to the golf sports educator (psychology of golf learning, pedagogy, sociology of golf practice, Anatomy and biomechanics, physiology, regulation of the profession, responsibility and safety, Federal Operations)),
  • Design and implementation of animation and teaching projects,
  • Design and implementation of training sequences,
  • Personal training,
  • The use of modern technology (analysis software, video…) at the disposal of the teacher,
  • The basics of mental and physical preparation.