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Golf & Other Sport Activities


The demonstration, participatory and competitive activities of 25 sports disciplines, with exhibition areas and in a 100% leisure-sports environment. Some of the activities to be carried out at the sport fair:

Golf Olympic sport of high precision that requires a lot of concentration and coordination. It is a sport for all ages and is the only one where a child can compete with his/her father/mother, his / her grandfather and even with a professional of the highest level because there is a handicap that matches them.


It is one of the sports par excellence, where numerous disciplines are grouped based on the resolution of different types of races, jumps, launches, combined Tests and March. The essential thing is to overcome the performance of the adversaries.

  1. TENNIS:

You’ll be able to practice your serve and see professionals in the sector. It is the sport that is practiced with a racquet in games of three or five sets following a complex scoring system. Will you be able to prevent the adversary from returning it?


Handball is the sport where you can play against seven opponents. Using only your cunning and your hands, you will have to put the ball in the opponent’s goal within 60 minutes of the match.


If you like ballroom dancing, dare to take this step! The social and cultural customs of each era are revived as protagonists, in this modality that is about to be recognized as Olympic.


Competition sport where team play is fundamental. Count on your five partners to mark as many baskets as possible. In our event, we will have the Spanish club ESTUDIANTES founded in 1948, which has won several Spanish national tournaments and has participated in European competitions.


This sport is very demanding, physically, and psychologically. A methodology based on creativity and guided discovery through dance and body expression is used. Would you like to practice it?


On your feet! The king of Sport-Show arrives famous footballers, trophies, demonstrations, human foosball. You won’t miss anything!

  1. SKATE:

Do you want to improve your physical condition, increase aerobic resistance, develop a sense of balance? Then skate! In addition to fun, skating strengthens your reflexes and your ability to concentrate. What else do you want?


Will you be able to reach 21 points? Table tennis, or more commonly known as “ping pong,” is a sport for all audiences where two adversaries play on a table with a small, light ball and where agility will be essential to winning.

  1. AIKIDO:

The traditional martial art of Japanese origin used for personal defense. It is very characteristic due to the fighting unfold with a similar technique to the dance.


The World Health Organization recommends a commitment of around 300 minutes per week to moderate aerobic physical exercise, or 150 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous activity. Go for it!


From Brazil, it is practiced with musical accompaniment. The capoeira is executed with rapid movements of hands and legs, and for this, you will have to have great agility to practice it.


A martial art that is characterized because it requires first doses of physical stamina, forcefulness, and endurance to the blows. It is not suitable for everyone, but you will be able to see it live and, if you dare, even participate.


Taekwondo will be one of the exhibits more synchronized in SPORT is PARTY. Total concentration and good reflexes make these movements unique.


Ready to compete in multiplayer video games? You can do this by becoming the Best FIFA Player!

  1. YOGA:

Yoga is a sport and lifestyle that cares, heals, and strengthens the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of breathing, meditation, and asanas. Within this modality, Mindfulness will be practiced.


Also called floorball is a sport of Hockey. It went from being a mere youth hobby to being a formal sport. A game in which your reflexes and excellent precision are your greatest allies.

  1. WUSHU:

This sport covers all modes such as combat, hand-to-hand fighting, self-defense. Wushu is commonly used to refer to the part of Taolu, a martial art with choreographic development, and this pays more attention to the acrobatic and aesthetic piece of martial art.


Badminton, a sport where you will have to face both individually and double, testing your ability to work as a team with rackets.


The goal in this sport is to win your opponent by dropping him to the ground by using keys and projection techniques. The fact that the fight is free means that, contrary to the Greco-Roman struggle, you can actively use your legs both to attack and to defend yourself.


Walking with specialized batons for the development of this activity optimizes the physical effort made in the organic mechanical movement of our body as we walk, improving our physical condition and toning the musculature. It’s great to do it in a group. Cheer up!


In this activity, they will show us how to revive a person, and we will be able to make a simulation and put into practice all the advice they give us. CPR is a significant activity that requires calm and speed.


Boldness and speed to escape your attacker are what you need to do this activity. No matter your physical strength, physical condition, nor is it necessary to defend yourself with weapons as such, it is the art of defeating your opponent in dangerous situations.


Racquetball sport that combines elements of three sports modalities: badminton, tennis, and squash. In this sport, no network is used and therefore allows it to be done anywhere. You play the best of 3 sets. Do you want to try it?

  1. KUN FU:

[少林功夫], is the style of Kung Fu initially developed in the Shaolin Monastery of China. It’s a fascinating practice and worth seeing.